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ESA Membership

ESA is a community of 9,000 scientists, researchers, decision-makers, policy managers, and educators who are dedicated to understanding life on earth. We are an advocate for ecology and a voice for ecologists. ESA strengthens connections within and outside our community to support your work and promotes ecological science. Benefits of belonging to the Society include:


Online access to all seven ESA publications.


Members may apply for page charge grants for
ESA journals that make publishing effectively free.


Receive discounts, submit meeting submissions, and information on the Annual Meeting


Identify and collaborate with researchers and professionals in your area (login required).


Significantly lower application fees for ESA
professional certification


Participate in scientific training, technology demos and career navigation activities, by ecologists for ecologists.


Advance your career through volunteering positions,
peer mentorship, education and diversity initiatives.


Every member may join one chapter or section for free as part of their annual membership, and can join additional ones for just $5 per (chapters and sections receive $5 per member per year to fund activity). A chapter is regionally based; a section represents a scientific discipline or other interest area.


ESA members enjoy substantial savings on everything from the Annual Meeting to professional certification and even to publishing (see the Author Hub for each).


We work with media to convey the value of ecological research results to the general public, as well as to garner federal support for ecological research.

Membership Rates

Member rates are based on annual income.  Discounted memberships are offered to students and developing country residents. Ready to join ESA? Join as a member to be part of the Society. 

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