To set a new billing address (such as your "Home" address)
Note: The "Main" address is for your institution:

    - click the "Home" tab below
    - click the "pencil" at right
    - type in the postal address
    - tick the "Preferred Billing Address" checkbox at the right-side of the pop-up

‚Äč    - be *sure* to click the "Save & Close" button at the bottom-right of the pop-up

When finished, you can go to your cart by clicking "Proceed to Checkout >>" at bottom-right.

The address options below are:
      "Main" address is your main institutional address.
      "Alternate" address is an alternative address for you at your institution.
      "Home" address is your primary residential address.
Additional postal-address alternatives are available by clicking the "+" tab.

Designate your Billing address